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  2. Advanced Organizer (Ausubel)
  3. Audio- Radio, Tape Recorder
  4. Audio-Visual- Television, Computer, and Video Disc
  5. Concept and Purpose of Communication
  6. Concept Attainment (Bruner)
  7. deepika
  8. Difference between Educational Technology, Instructional Technology and Information & Communication Technology
  9. Distance Mode - Meaning, Aims, Need and Importance
  10. Educational Statistics
  11. Factors affecting Communication
  12. Format and Components of Unit Planning & Lesson Planning
  13. indirect instructional strategy
  14. Inquiry Training (Such-Man)
  15. Instruction, Teaching and Training - Meaning and Functions
  16. Instructional objectives - Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor
  17. Instructional Strategies - Lecture, Team Teaching, Brain Storming, Quiz, Seminar, Tutorials, Projects, Field Trips, Role Play, Story Telling, Demonstration
  18. Internet and E-learning
  19. Levels of Teaching
  20. Meaning, Need and Importance
  21. Models Of Teaching - Meaning, Characteristics and Function
  22. Models of Teaching - Meaning, Characteristics and Functions
  23. Multimedia and Multi sensory approach to classroom Instruction
  24. Open School And Open University
  25. Other Reading Materials
  26. Phases of Instruction Pre-active, Interactive and Post-active
  27. Process and Types of Communication
  28. Role of media in Communication Process
  29. Self Instructional Materials
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  32. Systems Approach - Concept, Components and Types
  33. Systems Design and System Analysis
  34. Task Analysis - Content Analysis, Skill Analysis, and Product Analysis
  35. Teaching as an Art and as a Science
  36. team teaching
  37. Types of Communication
  38. Video Conferencing, Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Universities
  39. Visual- Charts, Maps, Models, Slide and Film Strip Projector, Over Head Projector