Teaching has elements of both art and science.
Teaching entails more than curriculum and instruction, meeting the four basic challenges of curriculum and instruction can be approached with evidence and reasoning, which are elements of science:
Some educators view teaching as primarily an art. Others take an opposite point of view and consider teaching to be strictly a science. Many educators believe that effective teaching is a combination of both art and a science.
A teacher gains knowledge both, of teaching methods and subject matter throughout his or her career. The art of teaching lies within the application of knowledge gained from research, taking place in the context of the unique, situational nature of the classroom. One cannot truly become an effective teacher without integrating both the art and the science of teaching.


You can take the same exact curriculum and have different teachers explain the same thing in infinitely different ways. However, only a few can make the subject interesting and appealing (if the subject in and of itself is in the beginning boring to the student). What separates them????

The sum of the matter is this!

It is an art! I believe it is an art that can be learned, like replicating a person making a cake. If you like the way a cake tastes, then copy the baker! Then teach someone else to make the same cake, and so on, and so on...