difference b/w preactive phase and inter active phase:

Pre-active Phase

It is the planning phase of instructional act. There are two major steps involved in this phase, namely-
1) establishment of some kind of goals or objectives.
2) discovering ways and means to achieve these objectives.
Planning is done for taking decision about the following aspects-
1) choice of the content to be taught
2) organization of the content
3) consideration about the principles and maxims of teaching
4) choice of methods of teaching//
5) duration ,place and management of the classroom teaching
6) decision about evaluation tools.

Interactive Phase

This second phase of teaching is concerned with the implementation and carrying out what has been planned or decided at the planning stage.It is the stage for actual teaching.
Major operations in the phase are-
1) Perception-
Interaction process demands an appropriate perception on the part of teacher as well as the studennts. When a teacher enters the class,his first activity is concerned with a parception of classroom climate. He tries to weigh himself ,his abilities for teaching against the class group.Similarly students also tries to have perception of the abilities, behaviour and personality characteristics of the teacher.
2) Diagnosis-
A teacher tries to access the achievement level of his students w.r.t their abilities, interest and aptitude.The teacher can asks several questions and can know that how far students know about the topic.
3) Reaction Process-

Under this stage teacer observes the students that how they response to the teacher's questions.The pupilhas to learn the proper way of reacting and responding to the various stimuli and teaching techniques presented to it. This phase is responsible for establishing appropriate verbal and non verbal class room interaction between teacher and pupils.