Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Communication processes are sign-mediated interactions between at least two agents which share a repertoire of signs and semiotic rules. Communication is commonly defined as "the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs". Although there is such a thing as one-way communication, communication can be perceived better as a two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thought feelings orideas (energy) towards a mutually accepted goal or direction (information)]Communication is a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. The receiver then decodes the message and gives the sender a feedback. All forms of communication require a sender, a message, and a receiver. Communication requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. There are auditory means, such as speech, song, and tone of voice, and there are non verbal body language,sign language para language.

Purpose of Communication :

Communication is a method that allows people to exchange information by one of numerous methods. There are hearing means, such as words or singing, and nonverbal, material means, such as body talking, sign language, para language, feel or eye contact. Communication is timothy by which in sequence is exchanged flanked by or among individuals through a ordinary system of symbols, signs, and performance.
As a course, communication has synonyms such as expressing outlook, conversing, verbal communication, corresponding, inscription, listening and exchanging. People communicate to satisfy needs in together their work and non-work lives. People want to be heard, to be appreciated and to be wanted. They also desire to complete tasks and to achieve goals. Obviously, then, a major purpose of communication is to help people feel good about themselves and concerning their friends, groups, and organizations.For true communication, there must be a broadcast of thoughts, ideas and feelings from one mind to one more. However, human language is extremely different as of plant communication.

touch, eye contact, and writing