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Welcome to Instructional Technology !NCERT_Logo[1].png

This class is specially designed for the third year students of Regional Institute of Education Bhopal which is a constituent unit of NCERT New Delhi.


Unit 1- Instruction: Theoretical Perspectives

Unit 2- Instruction: Theoretical Perspectives

Unit 3- Instructional Development

(i) Information Processing Models-

- Concept Attainment (Bruner)

- Advanced Organizer (Ausubel)

- Inquiry Training (Such-Man)

- Memory Level

- Understanding Level

- Reflective Level

Unit 4- Instruction as a System of Communication

Unit 5- Instructional Modes and Media

(i) Print-

(a) Self Instructional Materials

(b) Other Reading Materials

(ii) Non Print Media

(a) Audio- Radio, Tape Recorder

(b) Visual- Charts, Maps, Models, Slide and Film Strip Projector, Over Head Projector

(c) Audio-Visual- Television, Computer, and Video Disc

  • Computer and Satellite Mediated Instruction

- Video Conferencing, Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Universities